MyPlay is an intelligent END to END video solution suitable for all types of clubs, from professionals to amateurs, which thanks to an advanced automatic tracking camera allows live broadcasting of sporting events, recording training sessions and analyzing the performance of athletes. MyPlay has developed an AI algorithm that recognizes the action on the court and accurately detects the position of the players. Thanks to this algorithm and our sensor with a wide angle lens, we offer a video that is automatically enlarged to follow the action of the game, creating a visual experience similar to that of television and without a camera operator. These are the main features: - Auto-tracking camera installed in the sports venue that allows automatic game tracking, without the need for a camera operator. - Broadcast live through YouTube Live or Facebook Live. Possibility to add a commentator to the live broadcasts, have the digital scoreboard integrated and add a banner for the sponsors. - Record all matches and training sessions from any device and with the possibility of programming them. - Create and share highlights. Create custom labels for the plays you want to highlight and label your players. Share the best plays of your team or player on social networks and increase your number of followers. - Create individual and team statistics with heat maps that help analyze matches. - Team channel - Training sessions and matches in one place: Tag, comment on a video and interact with the team MyPlay was born as a technological tool focused on the sports industry to provide coverage to clubs, facilities and sports entities through a very simple use and intuitive. MyPlay is a technological tool focused on the sports industry for sports clubs, federations, facilities and entities; EASY to use, ACCESSIBLE from all devices and AFFORDABLE for EVERYONE. #improveyourgame


Alessandro Flatly
my play