Tom vechy

An energetic, driven entrepreneur and marketing specialist who is keen on creating new marketing and business opportunities combining and developing new IT solutions which could bring happiness into the lives of sport lovers and sport events organizers. Founder of 'Seyu - Together for victory!' which is an IT based solution that helps sport industry partners to generate more revenue on already sold commercial surfaces by building a desired emotional bridge between brands and fans. Executing this in a way that enables sport organizations to tap into the huge spending power of remote fans while generating a new kind of consumer data and accelerating their MARKETING-PR-CSR communications. Seyu is an easy to implement, 150+ events proven, AI assisted solution which is using sport industry partners' already existing IT infrastructure to allow fans around the world, through a moderated channel, to post their photos on to the LED boards and other screens in the stadiums on matchdays, and share them instantly on social media in branded frames. 
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The Accelerated Digital Transformation During COVID-19: Challenges and Solutions.

October 20, 2021