Nacho trujillo

Nacho is the founder and CEO of OWQLO by Tech Smart Sports Connector (official technology partner and application of the Jr. NBA League). In addition, they also have partnerships with sports properties such as DV7 Soccer Academy and Adarve. OWQLO is a sophisticated operating system for amateur sports properties. Through the CMS and the OWQLO mobile app, the products recoup revenue for their properties. OWQLO's sporting, school and sporting values ​​shine through through the dynamic features and results of the platform. Nacho's experience in sports and technology comes from his position as Managing Director of Innovation and Global Development at LaLiga. He was a prominent member of the LaLiga digital team, where he created the LaLiga YouTube channel, reaching a remarkable 1.700 billion views. He applied his creative and digital vision to change the name of LaLiga, while particularly focusing on an anti-piracy collation that received worldwide recognition. As the former CEO of H2i, Nacho led the collaboration and partnership with Google in 2006, which continues today. In this position and through this alliance, Nacho and his team created the Hub “”, which is one of the most important public employment services. In addition, H2i actively participated with Google in the development of its professional tool, Maps: Google Earth Builder (later Google Maps Engine). Nacho divides his time between New York, the United States and Madrid, Spain.
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October 21, 2021