Martin Ink

Martín has worked for more than 20 years in different positions in the M&A industry where he had the opportunity to lead and participate in more than 30 closings, more than 100 valuations and business feasibility analysis. He began his career as a consultant in Mergers and Acquisitions at PWC for 5 years in the Financial Advisory Services division. Then he was a partner for 5 years at Buenos Aires M&A, M&A boutique. In 2006 he began working at Perez Companc Company, where he remained for three years, reporting directly to Goyo Perez Companc as Director of Investments. In 2010 he founded the M&A boutique South Investment Partners, which later merged with the Norwegian company Euro Latin Capital. In 2012, he began his career as a technology entrepreneur where he tried to create the first Soccer Social Network in the world, called Fans, for 5 years, reaching USD 8 million in fundraising with series A with an investment fund in New York. Then he met Marcelo Ordas and together they founded Legends. He led the start-up and carried out the fundraising.
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Sports Museums Delivering Innovative Fan Experiences

October 20, 2021